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Blue-throated Hummingbird (Lampornis clemenciae)

December 25, 2012

The Blue Hummers are coming… The Blue Hummers are coming… to my window!


The male, as usual, takes no part in nest building or care of the young. The female weaves her nest from soft plant fibers. The nests appear on a tree branch, flowering plant, fern, vine, rock shelf, or, lacking these, a wire or nail. She attaches them to the whatever, using strands of silk stolen from spider webs.

Basically the males is a chauvinistic, pugnacious bastard and the female a thief… but they sure are pretty… We are such shallow creatures.

The spiders don’t find them beautiful at all I should add…  there is a web reading:  “SOME BIRD… not so terrific, radiant, or humble” next to the feeder… (A great-great-great-great grandson of Charlotte’s I fancy)

The nest exterior is camouflaged with green mosses, who are also not fans of said bird.  (In drier habitats, lichens might be used, or … if the bird is lazy or a bad decorator, the facade is left bare.

 The female usually builds each new nest atop the previous nest, leading to nest “towers” at traditional nest sites.  I want to see one despite the advice of spiders and mosses.damnbbth flowerbbbth bth