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adventures in Mexico

February 11, 2013
 I got spammed so badly that I was not allowed to send emails for 24 hours… which is odd because of course I hadn’t sent any… No one got fooled, as the email contained no typos and was too normal. (I’m quoting friends. the bitchs)
Then I went camping
Went to Tolongtolas or something like that
It’s a thermal river divided into shallow  8′-10′ sections. Good for stilling and letting hot water beat the crap out of you… but not so good for swimming.
The land is dusty, most of the plants are covered by it, so everything is grey. Only the river is an unnatural blue… It’s natural unnatural though…
The cliffs are full of tiny “swimming holes where you can soak and if you desire get the crap beaten out of you by warm water.
You can see the minerals turning the land to stone.
It’s liquid limestone, I believe.. like in Santa Monica Muntains…given time and heat you get travertine marble and…  presto chango  a new Getty
There is also a tunnel, pitch black and wet. You follow ropes, drop into hot water  6′ deep, then rope scale up
It got so hot I feared I’d pass out.
And la Guta, a huge cavern filled with, you guessed it, hot mineral water waiting to beat the crap out of you….
There are areas with old growth, “Tourist trees” (They have peeling red trucks).  (The name is from florida)
And I did 4 of the scariest zip lines ever… they scared the crap out of me…
Glad to be back.
I’m goona read my book aloud, think it’s finished!